Representative Greeting

What is Company?

Ima Group Inc. Chairman & CEO
Shinichiro Ikeda

I think each person has each thinking way about company individually, but I have an explanation in my thinking about that in the letter.

I think company is a place of a character building in through work.

In the premise of the thinking, I hope that workers in Ima Group Inc. will grow up as a human.

Almost all of people in their life spend a long time for work. If they spend the time for mere life, it is worthless. What is it better for them to spend the time for?

The things that they should learn firstly in a company are not about the profit, but are social common senses, social manners and so on. After they learn these, They learn social structures and company's structures gradually.

A company is a organization. In the case, what should a company have aim at as an organization?

There are rules in an organization, and then the rules tend to be priority before they know it.

This is to get their priorities backwards. Organization is a thing that different people together go for same aims each other. On the other hand, the aims are not only that they meet the destinations, but also it is important for them to be humans in the process. Different people have different personalities and abilities, so consideration for others is essential. Consideration is more important than rule in my opinion

On the other hand, as a manager for the company, my way of thinking that it survives at competition in high priority for efficient and company's authority exists. In other words, it is a way of thinking that a organization have priority over an individual.

It's impossible for me to deny this way completely.

Because it's impossible to sacrifice all of the others by helping just a person as a manager of company.

Like this, currently there is a mixture between 'survival of the fittest'and old 'harmony', 'coexistence of mutual prosperity' in ways of thinking.

There is a diversity of people in character, academic background and ability in Ima Group Inc.

This is a good advantage, in my opinion. A group that has strength in one direction is low at survival rate in terms of history. There is a word 'conspicuous color for same source' while it's a ideal that people of different talents collect, they have a same dream and walk together.