Circumstances of establishment on the company

The CEO Shinichiro Ikeda was born on December 24th in 1955 at Kabukicho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo. After graduating from Dokkyo University, he went abroad to study in Seattle University for 1 year and left for home. While he liked toys in his childhood, he entered BanjihanAce and went into toy's field.

He became a head of Utsunomiya Branch and recovered the profit from red-ink to black-ink on the branch, on the other hand, the comprehensive profit the company has been in depressions continuously. In the situation, he would like to improve the treatment there and thought about starting his business independently. He established BanjihanAce Inc. (the CEO was Shinichiro Ikeda, Capital was \10milion, the business was operation on capsule toys) by taking over goodwill of Banjihan Inc.
He had a plan to have a repayment in 5 years completely, but he did it in 3 years and a half and then took over 2 companies on the same field. He strengthens the basis of the company because he made an expansion policy and the employees and the new ones did their business in a body.

While he had underwent these until then, He thought that he would like to make a best corporation than a biggest one and to do business that considers trust and creation with great care. He also would like to do operations at low cost thoroughly. He have managed my company while he have taken making a powerful organization into consideration with fare management basically. Besides he thought a company is a place of a character formation and he had an objective which is a fulfillment excellence and experiencing it while managing the company.

Dec, 1990BJA Dec, 1990 established BanjihanAce Inc. (Head office is at Utsunomiya-city, Tochigi , CEO: Shinichiro Ikeda , Capital: 10million yen) and started a operation on toys and capsules.
Oct, 1994BJA Oct, 1994 BanjihanAce Inc. was an agency of Bandai Inc. and started to wholesale capsules, toys and capsule machines. The head office was moved to Taitou-ku, Tokyo (1-2-14 Komagata, Taitou-ku 3F). And increased its stock. The former head office was a business office then.
Apr, 1996BJA April, 1996 established a business office at Koriyama-city, Fukushima for business expanding on operations of capsule toys.
Jan, 1997BJA Moved the head office to 3-1-1 Motoasakusa, Taitou-ku 2F
Feb, 1998imac Feb. 1998 established Ima Corporation limited company (Head office: Taitou-ku Tokyo, CEO: Shinichiro Ikeda, Capital: 9million yen). it was a sales and planning of trading cards, sundries, amusements or else.
Nov, BJA Moved the head office into 1-3-14, Komagata, Taitou-ku, KomagataTCbuilding 3,4F
imac Nov. 1998 changed Ima Corporation limited company to a stock company in entity conversion and increased the capital to 54million yen in allocation to third party.
May, 2000imac May. 2000 made BJA to be a subsidiary in stock swap and increased the capital to 225,750 thousands.
imac Moved to the Head office (1-3-16, Komagata, Taitou-ku, Komagata plaza building 4F)
Jan, 2001BJA Jan. 2001 established an operating division as a Tokyo business office for business expanding of operations of capsule toys.
May, imae May. 2001 established Ima Entertainment (Capital: 90 million yen) of a wholly owned subsidiary to regroup Ima Group.
sol May. 2001 established SOL International Inc. (Capital: 30 million yen, a wholly owned company of IMA-E) as a wholesaler on toys
Apr, 2002imae Apr. 2002 increased the Capital to 135,300 thousands in allocation to third party.
sol Apr. 2002 opened Grandberry-Mall Minami-Machida shop of LEGO click-brick
Jun, sol Jun. 2002 increased the Capital to 40 million yen in issue to shareholders.
Feb, 2003sol Feb. 2003 opened Odaiba VenusFort shop of LEGO click-brick
Oct, imag Oct. 2003 established Ima Group Inc. of a pure holding company (Head office: Taitou-ku, Tokyo, Capital: 10 million yen) to regroup the group.
Nov, imag Nov. 2003 Ima Entertainment negotiated its stocks (its subsidiaries: BJA and SOL) to Ima Group Inc. while regrouping.
BJA Nov. 2003 moved Tohoku business office in operating division. (1-1, Kowaribayashi, Otsukimachiaza)
Aug, 2004BJA Aug. 2004 established Tokyo business office (8-2-11-105, Aoto, katsushika-ku, Tokyo) as a new business office consisting of Capsule division and Operating division.
Oct, imag Oct. 2004 increased in issue to shareholders for Capital: 30 million yen, Capital Reserve: 20 million yen, Outstanding Shares: 1,000.
Dec, SP Dec. 2004 established Surfers paradise Inc. (Head office: Taitou-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hiromitsu Kurashina, Capital: 10 million yen), which Ima Group Inc. invested in at 100%.
Mar, 2005BJA Mar. 2005 established BJA Morioka business office (3-8-3, Mitake, Morioka-city, Iwate-ken), and changed the name from Tohoku business office to Koriyama business office.
SP Mar. 2005 moved Surfers paradise Inc. Head office (NR building 4F, 3-13-13, Kuramae, Taito-ku, and Tokyo)
Aug, imag Aug. 2005 assumed a representative director to Masahiko Shimada in Ima group Inc.
Oct, sol Oct. 2005 assumed a representative director to Tajima Takashi in SOL International Inc.
Nov, BJA Nov.2005 assumed a representative director to Masahiko Shimada in Banjihan Ace.
Jun, 2006BJA Jun. 2006 increased the Capital to 34,500 thousands in allocation to the third party.
Sep, imag Sep. 2006 assumed a representative director to Shinichiro Ikeda in Ima Group Inc.
Oct, BJA Oct. 2006 established Kansai business office in BanjihanAce Inc.
Apr, 2007imag Apr. 2007 increased the Capital to 75 million yen and the Capital Reserve to 65 million yen in issue to shareholders.
fad Apr. 2007 established Animate China Technology Incorporate at Shenzhen-city.
fad Apr. 2007 exhibition of Culture Industrial exhibition at Shenzhen-city
fad Apr. 2007 alliance with Poly Techniques at Shenzhen-city
Oct, BJA Oct. 2007 established Kumamoto business office in BanjihanAce Inc.
fad Oct. 2007 opened character brand shop IMO at Anime Street in Nanzan-ku, Shenzhen-city
fad Oct. 2007 controlled Diplomatic Normalization 35 Years Event between Japan and China by Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a representative company from Shenzhen-ctiy.
fad Oct. 2007 obtained permission from 4 provinces of the National as a National Culture Exit Important company.
Dec, fad Dec. 2007 opened IMO the number 2 shop at Hankagai, Higashimon-ku, in Shenzhen-city.
Feb, 2008SP Feb,2008 enlarged the office of Planning and Development division to MBC building(Taitou-ku, Tokyo)
Mar, fad May. 2008 displayed the biggest and unprecedented booth at Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008.
Oct, SP Oct. 2008 displayed a booth at Tokyo Game Show 2008.
Apr, 2009BJA Apr, 2009 established Shanghai Tuohua Trading Co., Ltd
Sep, SP Sep. 2009 moved Head office of Surfers Paradise (Honda building 5F, 1-17-10 Misuji, Taitou-ku Tokyo)
Apr, 2010sol Apr. 2010 assumed a representative director to Shinichiro Ikeda in SOL International Inc.
May, sol May. 2010 opened Nagareyama Otaka-no-Mori shop of LEGO click-brick
SP May. 2010 displayed booths in Japanese areas in the 6th China Shenzhen International Culture Exhibition Trade Fair.
Apr, 2011Deen Apr. 2011 did business ties with Studio Deen Inc and made it a subsidiary.
imag Apr. 2011 established a joint-venture on delivery business of Japanese contents with Shanghai Media & Entertainment Technology Group.
Nov, 2011Deen Nov. 2011 assumed a representative director to Shinichiro Ikeda in Studio Deen Inc.
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