Concept and 4 significant policies

Company is a place to build up our human characteristics through work. Low cost operation

In order to execute a business, we should always put in mind to operate at low cost. gLow costh in this case doesnft only mean a matter of money but also not to waste your own effort and time. Waste of your money, effort and time shows that you donft have the ability. In other hand, people who uses their money, effort and time usefully means you have the ability.

Creativity is a reason for living

People who work for Ima Group Inc. needs to have creativity irrespective of an official position or career in the company. In kanji (Chinese character), there are 2 words which expresses different meaning though pronunciation is same. n(souzou) and z(souzou). The first word means gcreativityh, second word means gimaginationh. In here, we are talking about the word n(creativity) not z(imagination). We should be delighted to create our own originality. gCreativityh doesnft only mean to produce something. We should create various matters which affects the company. To create a sales system, accounting system and to make an advice for a staff tour is also a gcreativityh.

Keep onefs promise gains trust

Keeping onefs promise in the case of customer of Ima Group Inc., a connection between a society and of course human a relation leads you to gain trust. Keeping onefs promise does not always mean to gain something. Even you accept your promise at that time; there are times when you suffer a loss. Face your loss and find your answer.

Best company than the largest

Before talking about your appearance, be a person who has heart to human, company and work.